Where to Buy a Hakama

Look, I’m not going to pretend that I’ve tried and put to the test all the different hakama out there. And I’m definitely not going to tell you where you should buy a hakama.

I’m happy to tell you where I bought the ones I’ve used and which one seems to be the best quality (of the ones I’ve used). Ultimately, however, it’s up to you to do your own research and make your own decision.

With all that said, I’ve owned three hakama. The first two I bought while I was in Spain. They were OK, but not great. They both seemed to fall apart rather quickly. The hakama-dome kept getting torn off. I’d have to keep sewing it on again (and I’m terrible at sewing). Eventually I just gave up and went without a hakama-dome. The stitching on the himo also fell apart. So, the himo were hanging on by a thread (literally). Finally, neither one of them seemed to hold the pleats well (which, of course, could be simply because I was a newbie at folding the hakama).

Anyway, I recently purchased a hakama from Nine Circles. Only time will tell if it will stand up to the assaults of my aggressive Aikido and poor folding ability. But so far I’m pleased with the hakama. There’s way more stitching on the himo than on my old hakama and the stitching seems sturdy. So far, the hakama-dome is still attached, which is also a good sign.

Anyway, that’s where I bought my latest hakama. I’m happy with it.

What about you? Where have you bought hakama and how did it work out?

I started practicing Aikido in 2000. It instantly became one of my main interests. And the rest is history.

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2 comments on “Where to Buy a Hakama
  1. Zanshin Art says:

    My first hakama was a Bujin poly and I didn’t care for the fabric. My second hakama was once I made from brushed cotton twill to proof the Round Earth Publishing pattern for its developer; it was too heavy a fabric and a devil to keep pleats in. My third is a tetron hakama from Mugendo Budogu and I love it.

  2. bhikshuni0trinlae says:

    I already dropped $60 on a cheap no-name chinese hakama sold by my Sensei and already am disappointed because I carefully measured using japanese ordering site size guides which told added up to 26 and the 27 i bought is probably 4-5 inches to long and narrow in breadth also. It looks like crap but no way to return it after breaking all of the stitching to tie it on.

    I also had trouble because of tying according to site instructions at hips, only to find all the belts come loose as they rode up to my high waist!

    Alas, I have only now discovered that I am not the first female with this problem and that the solution is to spend another $150+ on women’s cut aikido.

    I found that the Bujin company makes them to size measurements supplied, but i tried all week trying to get an email confirmation from them about correct sizing before going into more debt for more potential disappointments. But after sending the email by 3 different email addresses to the Bujin company email address shown on the website, i have no reply but emails bounced back. Maybe I will try to phone them but time difference from CA to Germany opening time 10am means i have to wait until 2-3am to call!

    Thus i found this nice site but still not very hopeful with the russian (japanese?) roulette in getting a workable and decent fitting hakama through mail order!

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