Washing Your Hakama in the Washing Machine

A hakama, just like any pleated article of fine clothing, needs to be washed with care. Although hand washing your hakama is without a doubt the best way to go, it’s fine to wash your hakama in the washing machine. Just bear in mind… [sociallocker]The washing machine is going to be a little rougher on your hakama than you would be. The pleats, in particular, will suffer after machine washing.

Note: If you have a true indigo-dyed hakama, I strongly advise against machine washing it. In addition to weakening the pleats, the color also may suffer a great deal. If you insist on washing hakama in the washing machine, be sure to wash it separately as it may bleed even after numerous washings.

To wash your hakama in the washing machine, use a mild laundry soap such as Woolite. Wash it in cold water on the gentle cycle.

Always air dry your hakama.[/sociallocker]

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