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How to Tie a Hakama for Aikido

Tying a hakama - method 2

There are lots of ways to tie a hakama for Aikido and I’m sure most are equally valid. Here are the two most common and most distinct┬ámethods. Each may have innumerable variations, but they’re all based on these two fundamental

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How to Figure Out What Size Hakama to Get

Hakama size

Hakama sizes are based on a simple formula. If you know the length or your outseam, which is the distance from your belt to your ankle, then you can calculate what size hakama to get with this simple formula.

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What the hakama codes mean

If you’ve looked at any hakama, you’ve probably noticed some numbers like #8000 or #10000 used to describe the hakama. But what the heck do these numbers mean? Let’s find out…

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How to tie a hakama for Kendo

Although there’s no “official standard” for tying a hakama, many Kendo clubs use methods similar to this one.

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What is tetron?

Tetron Hakama for Aikido

Tetron is a type of polyester made by Toray Industries. Contrary to popular belief, Tetron is not a blend of polyester and rayon (or any other fabric). Rather, Tetron is 100% polyester. Tetron is a registered trademark of Toray Industries.

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How to put on and tie a hakama

Just as with folding the hakama, there’s really no “official” way to tie a hakama. For example, in Aikido (at least where I practice) the standard method is to tie the front of the hakama first, then the back. However,

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How to fold a hakama

Hold the pleats with the left hand and flip the hakama over.

Folding a hakama can be a bit of a challenge the first time you do it. But with little help from these step by step instructions and video demonstration, you’ll be folding your hakama in like a samurai.

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In Aikido who wears hakama?

Tohei Akira Shihan

OK, so, let’s say your name’s Sam and you’re a 3rd Kyu Aikidoka. According to the protocol of your dojo, only shodan may wear hakama. Then, one day, you go to an Aikido course. Aikido from all over the place

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How to Wash a Hakama

Hand wash hakama

There are several ways to wash a hakama. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Ironing Your Hakama

Iron a hakama

Although ironing is great for restoring the pleats in hakamas, it’s not without its drawbacks. Ironing crushes the fabric. Using too high a temperature can cause the hakama to become shiny or worse, burn or melt the fabric. Circular or

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