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How to Tie a Hakama for Aikido

Tying a hakama - method 2

There are lots of ways to tie a hakama for Aikido and I’m sure most are equally valid. Here are the two most common and most distinct┬ámethods. Each may have innumerable variations, but they’re all based on these two fundamental

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Nine Circles 800g Deluxe Sashiko Ori Aikido Gi

Aikido Gi

In September of 2008 I purchased a gi in Spain which, at that time, was the heaviest gi I had ever owned. It seemed like it was pretty solid. Seemed like it would last a long time. And I suppose

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How to Tie the Obi for Aikido

Koma musubi knot

Some would probably say that there’s a “proper” way to tie the obi for Aikido. Yet half of them would disagree on what the “proper” way is. Nevertheless, for practical reasons, there are certain characteristics that you’ll want your obi

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How to put on and tie a hakama

Just as with folding the hakama, there’s really no “official” way to tie a hakama. For example, in Aikido (at least where I practice) the standard method is to tie the front of the hakama first, then the back. However,

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In Aikido who wears hakama?

Tohei Akira Shihan

OK, so, let’s say your name’s Sam and you’re a 3rd Kyu Aikidoka. According to the protocol of your dojo, only shodan may wear hakama. Then, one day, you go to an Aikido course. Aikido from all over the place

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Tamura Shihan

Tamura Shihan

The group of dojos where I practice Aikido belongs to the Spanish Federation of Aikido Technicians which is the Spanish delegation of the French Federation of Aikido and Budo. The founder and technical director of the FFAB is Tamura Nobuyoshi

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I’ve earned my Hakama


In our dojo a student earns the right to wear the hakama when he earns the rank of 3rd Kyu.

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