Self Defense Using The Barrier Technique

Sometimes the first thing that happens in many self defense situations is that an aggressor will start getting in your face. In other words they will get very close to you breaking into your personal space, testing your resolve and trying to put fear into you. Obviously in a perfect situation you’ll see this individual sooner rather than later from having a well-trained self defense mindset.

If this first line of defense hasn’t helped and you’ve arrived at the point where an assailant has entered your personal space, the next thing you should do is what we call posting a barrier. Simply back away to a reasonable distance from the aggressor, making sure you are moving into open space rather than towards a wall or any barrier of some kind. (Open space allows you more chances for escape if you need to run.)

If the attacker follows you and continues to try to enter your personal space again, put your hand out and stop them at arms length. If they push into your barrier, make it quite clear you are not intimated or scared, but nor do you want any trouble. say something along the lines of “Hey, I’m off now” or “Dude, I’m going home, OK!” Maintain a persistent barrier between you and the would be attacker. As you attempt to move away from the would be attacker you can also try to move towards a busier area. If you are on a side street, move onto the main street, etc.

One thing to remember is not to push the attacker or shout abusively at them. Doing this may further aggravate their aggression and prompt them to attack. One of the most seen street attacks is a punch thrown by an aggressive person after they have been pushed by someone trying to keep them away. Try to make “the barrier” nothing more than that; a barrier, not a push. At the same time you should be aware of any attempt to grab or strike you. Regardless, you should continue to withdraw from the person, keeping your barrier up persistently.

Once you have managed to put some decent space between you and the aggressor, move off down the street ensuring that they are not following. Do not turn your back toward the assailant. Continue to face them as you move away. Do not run or turn away until you no longer feel threatened and are in a safe area.

I started practicing Aikido in 2000. It instantly became one of my main interests. And the rest is history.

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  1. John says:

    This is good advice, however I have witnessed a few scenarios where there is no warning and the attacker just begins with a punch. This punch is usually right handed and is aimed at the face. If you are paranoid like me you will see the aggression and feel it radiating off of him. Should this right handed punch come your direction remember you don’t need to stop the punch. All you need to do is divert it’s power to your left. Unfortunately it’s most often followed with the left directed at the same target and you’ve been caught by surprise. You can just as easily divert this one to your right. This is always done with the back of an open hand. Your best way to finish this or nip it in bud, is to spin your hand to they left so that your palm will be facing him. Our hands don’t spin the other way so this should be obvious. Once your hand is spun as to be facing the opposite way it was when you diverted it, grab his arm as close to his wrist as possible. Ok second step is not so easy to explain but easily done. You want to now spin your body to the left keeping your left foot in place rotating on this foot. You then go under his arm and at the same time grab his same arm with th right hand so that your back is facing him now and his arm is extended over your left shoulder. Once you are there you have tremendous leverage over him and can throw him over your body using your back to help lift him off the ground while you lean forward just like bowing. His body should be in contact with your back as you do this. It takes very little strength to follow through here. While you are bowing forward facing away from him his front is now leaning over with you and he’s off balance bad. Bring down your arms as you do this and throw him over your back as hard as you can. There are two options here. Once he’s going over and just beyond your head and body almost upside down now you can either let go and he’ll go flying out in front of you landing possibly on his head. Or you can hold on and slam him into the ground so that he hits the ground lying on his back with the wind possibly knocked out of him. Now if you really want him to stop with this sneaky move and he’s lying down on the ground face up with you still holding his arm the same as you would hold a Japanese sword. Bring your right knee down into his neck and throat. don’t crush his windpipe so down just power drop on him but drive your right knee in cutting off his air if you give just a little more weight. Do not let go of his arm. Now it’s time for you to be threatening. In your most angry and loud voice tell him that basically he’s about to die here. Do not let him move. Most folks who bully people this way aren’t trained and not flexible enough to kick you in the head here though that would be entirely possible here so use your best judgement and access his abilities quickly. See if your loud screaming is intimidating him, you can tell if he’s scared. If so then just let go and stand up and walk away. If he’s still in agro mode drive your knee on in and with your right hand open palm slam your palm into his nose several times until it is bleeding really good. Don’t let go of his arm with your right hand he can hit you. This move needs to be worked out so you should probably go through it slowly with a non agro friend allow him to learn it too. Hope this helps.

  2. Pete says:

    I have used this technique and it works.I don’t like close talkers,especialy when they seem agitated.Regards

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