Ironing Your Hakama

Although ironing is great for restoring the pleats in hakamas, it’s not without its drawbacks. Ironing crushes the fabric. Using too high a temperature can cause the hakama to become shiny or worse, burn or melt the fabric. Circular or zigzag strokes can stretch the fabric or damage it in other ways. So, it pays to use caution when ironing and only apply an iron if absolutely necessary. Follow these instructions to successfully iron your hakama.

Iron temperature

Polyester hakamas should be ironed at a low temperature. Cotton hakamas can be ironed at the high temperature setting.

How to press with an iron

Work in up-and-down strokes, following the line of the fabric. To strengthen the pleats, use a burst of steam. For a polyester hakama, set the steam on low and hold the iron two to three inches away from the fabric. For a cotton hakama, set the steam on high and hold the iron six to eight inches away.

After ironing the hakama

Let the hakama cool on the ironing board or a hanger for about five minutes.

Are your pleats fading?

Learn how to restore the pleats in a hakama.

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