How to put on and tie a hakama

Just as with folding the hakama, there’s really no “official” way to tie a hakama. For example, in Aikido (at least where I practice) the standard method is to tie the front of the hakama first, then the back. However, in Iaido and Kendo, the back of the hakama is often tied first.

Of course, the best way to learn to tie a hakama is by having a senior student walk you through it. Learning from a senior student will not only speed up the learning process but also ensure you adhere to your dojo’s standard method.

Nevertheless, it’s always helpful to prepare yourself a little bit beforehand. That way, the senior student won’t have to spend so much time teaching you how to put on the hakama and will be able to focus mostly on your dojo’s specific method.

Use the following links to learn the basics of tying and putting on a hakama.

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