Hakama size

How to Figure Out What Size Hakama to Get

Hakama sizes are based on a simple formula. If you know the length or your outseam, which is the distance from your belt to your ankle, then you can calculate what size hakama to get with this simple formula. Simply divide the inches by 1.49 (or the centimeters by 3.79). So, if your outseam measures 40 inches, your hakama size would be around a size 27. However, if you are buying a cotton hakama, the hakama will shrink some. So, you may want to get a hakama one size larger to compensate. Then, wash the hakama before you wear it the first time to allow it to shrink down to size. Even if you order a polyester or tetron hakama, you may want to go a size larger and then have someone tailor it for you.

Here’s a chart of hakama sizes.

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  1. Ismael

    I am going to buy the a hakama soon and I am worried I may order the wrong size. I am 6 feet tall my waist is 37. Pant size is 38 x 32.

    Can you please recommend a hakama size for these measurements? Thank you!

  2. Post
  3. Post

    Devin, I’m afraid measuring your outseam is really the only reliable way to know for sure what your hakama size is. Another way to approach the measurements is to measure from the point where the bottom of the front himo (strap) would be (on the side of your body) to the point where the bottom of the hakama would fall. It’s easy to measure your outseam. Just get a tape measure for measuring fabric and have somebody help. Alternatively, you can go to a tailor or any place that sells suits and ask them to do it for you.

  4. Ebba

    Hi, I’m thinking of doing a cosplay of a Manga character from Bleach, and they wear Hakama. I can’t buy since I’m too young. I just want some tips from you since you seem to know a lot about Hakama.
    My outseam is 58 cm if I’m correct. But I would also like some other measurements please? :3
    Also if you know some cloth that don’t wrinkle too much, but still looks good for a Hakama?

  5. andrew

    Hi my name is Andrew I’m starting iaido clasd im new to this kind of thing and don’t want to sound stupid and need help I’m 5ft 10 in pants side 38 32 I don’t know my waist size what size keikogi and hakama do I have to get and is it hard to put on thank you very much for you help my email is alexgrans@gmail.com thank you so much

  6. justin

    hi my name is justin and im planing to buy a hakama but im like 5’10 and my pants size is a 30 wat size would you recomend for me?

  7. Justin

    Hello. I am about 6’4″ tall and weigh roughly 300 pounds. I’ve been looking into getting a Hakama recently and I’m just doing research here. Some Hakama makers give extensions to tying the Hakama on, but I’m curious if I’d need it as it costs extra. My pant size is 48×32. I’m a pretty hefty fellow. Thanks!

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