How to Dry Your Hakama

Drying your hakama the right way will help preserve its color, pleats and fabric.

Always air dry your hakama. You can either hang it up to dry or lay it flat on an extra large sweater drying rack.

To hang your hakama to dry…

Hang your hakama upside down, preferably without folding it. Use clothes pins to attach it to a clothes line or drying rack. Make sure the ends of the pleats are fastened with clothes pins as well. With the heavier koshi-ita hanging below the pants, most of the wrinkles should come out naturally from the weight. There should be no need to press it once its dry. If, however, a few wrinkles or creases still remain, you can steam them out with a clothes steamer.

To lay your hakama flat to dry…

Place the hakama on an extra large sweater drying rack. Ensure that the pleats are all in place and the side seams are at the sides. Once the hakama is dry, use a clothes steamer to remove any wrinkles or creases.

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