Hand Washing Your Hakama

As far as cleaning goes, hand washing, when done properly, is by far the best way to preserve the color and fabric of your hakama. And believe it or not, hand washing can even clean your hakama more thoroughly than a washing machine or dry cleaning.

To wash your hakama by hand, place the hakama in a tub. The tub can either be a bathtub (make sure it’s clean ;)) or any other type of tub large enough to accommodate the length and width of the hakama lying flat. I only have a shower at home so I use a large plastic tub that I originally bought for storing stuff.

Fill the tub with enough cold water to cover the hakama and add some detergent-free laundry soap such as Woolite.

Next, begin gently stepping on the hakama to allow the soap to penetrate the fabric. Continue for a few minutes.

Rinse the hakama thoroughly.

To remove excess water, do not wring the hakama. Instead, empty the water from the tub and, laying the hakama flat, run your hand down the length of the hakama toward the drain. If you don’t have or aren’t using a bathtub, don’t worry. You can skip this step.

Finally, using clothes pins, hang the hakama up to dry upside down, preferably without folding it over.

Once the hakama is completely dry, you can use a steamer to remove any wrinkles, if desired. I don’t recommend using an iron as ironing the hakama will make it unpleasantly shiny.

I started practicing Aikido in 2000. It instantly became one of my main interests. And the rest is history.

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2 comments on “Hand Washing Your Hakama
  1. Larry says:

    Ironing will tend to leave things shiny however if you use a damp cloth to cover the item and then press the wrinkles out you’ll get a great finish and no shine. Damp paper brown or non printed. You can even use kitchen papaer towel. There are also cloths that you can buy which don’t have to be dampened and they are great but hard to find.

  2. Brandon says:

    The paper towel works well I use my tenugui; one of my Sensei’s informed me of this trick just lay it over the hakama and Iron on top of it works well on both my tetron one for practice and my cotton one no shine and I get a nicely pressed tenugui and hakama. I have noticed that for steaming folding over the tenugui once helps so there are two layers of fabric between the iron and the hakama to not get too much steam in it and damage the fabric.

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