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What Do the Pleats in the Aikido Hakama Mean?

hakama pleats

In his book Principles of Aikido, Mitsugi Saotome states that the seven pleats of the hakama (five in front and two in back) represent the seven virtues of Bushido. This claim may, in fact, have a degree of truth to it.

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How to Earn a Hakama in Aikido

Principles of Aikido

Originally, in Aikido the hakama was not earned but rather was a part of the standard uniform a student of Aikido was expected to wear. The hakama were the pants of the uniform. In fact, that’s basically what the hakama

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Japanese Aikido Gi

Aikido Gi

From what I gather, the two most popular Japanese makers of Aikido Gi are Iwata and Tozando. I’ve neither purchased nor worn a gi from either of these makers. So, I can’t attest to the quality. However, the general consensus

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Aikido Weapons Bag

Weapons Bag

I’ve owned a few Aikido weapons bags over the years. The first few were pretty crappy (as were the bokken and jo). They were basically slip bags that were made of poorly stitched together low-quality fabric with no reinforcements. The

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How to Tie a Hakama for Aikido

Tying a hakama - method 2

There are lots of ways to tie a hakama for Aikido and I’m sure most are equally valid. Here are the two most common and most distinct¬†methods. Each may have innumerable variations, but they’re all based on these two fundamental

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Nine Circles 800g Deluxe Sashiko Ori Aikido Gi

Aikido Gi

In September of 2008 I purchased a gi in Spain which, at that time, was the heaviest gi I had ever owned. It seemed like it was pretty solid. Seemed like it would last a long time. And I suppose

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How to Tie the Obi for Aikido

Koma musubi knot

Some would probably say that there’s a “proper” way to tie the obi for Aikido. Yet half of them would disagree on what the “proper” way is. Nevertheless, for practical reasons, there are certain characteristics that you’ll want your obi

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How to tie a hakama for Kendo

Although there’s no “official standard” for tying a hakama, many Kendo clubs use methods similar to this one.

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In Aikido who wears hakama?

Tohei Akira Shihan

OK, so, let’s say your name’s Sam and you’re a 3rd Kyu Aikidoka. According to the protocol of your dojo, only shodan may wear hakama. Then, one day, you go to an Aikido course. Aikido from all over the place

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The Seven Virtues of Bushido

7 Virtues of Bushido

Bushido is the way of the samurai. It is a set of values and virtues. It is a way of life. The virtues of Bushido are reflected in the 7 pleats of the hakama.

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