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Hakama for Women

Hakama for women

Traditionally, women did not wear hakama with kimono. Nowadays, however, women do wear hakama for certain occasions such as graduation ceremonies. Nevertheless, women still wear hakama much less frequently than men.

When wearing a hakama with kimono, the women’s hakama will typically be the undivided andon-bakama style of hakama. The hakama typically will have neither a koshi-ita nor a hakama-dome. While men’s hakama are often striped, women’s hakama are often made with bright, multicolored fabrics and may incorporate dyed, woven or embroidered designs. The hakama will typically be tied high on the waist using looser and more decorative knots.

Women also wear hakama for Japanese martial arts such as Aikido, Kenjutsu, etc. In these martial arts, women wear the same divided umanori type of hakama as men. In some dojo, men are not allowed to wear Hakama until they have tested to a certain level. However, perhaps because the keikogi is traditionally considered “underwear,” women are often allowed or encouraged to wear hakama from the start of their training. Of course, the protocol will vary from dojo to dojo. So, as always, check with your Sensei.

Pink women's hakama

Japanese Kimono Hakama for Women

June 10, 2013 / no comments, on Hakama for Sale, Hakama for Sale, Hakama for Women

Kawaii kimono sells a fairly large selection of women’s hakama for use with kimono. The hakama appear to be available in a variety of colors. I’ve never ordered from them. (Obviously. I’m a guy.) So, I can’t vouch for them. But they have a 97.9% positive feedback rating on eBay. You’ll find their selection of […]

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