Pink women's hakama

Japanese Kimono Hakama for Women

Kawaii kimono sells a fairly large selection of women’s hakama for use with kimono. The hakama appear to be available in a variety of colors. I’ve never ordered from them. (Obviously. I’m a guy.) So, I can’t vouch for them. But they have a 97.9% positive feedback rating on eBay. You’ll find their selection of women’s hakama here.

Nine Circles Hakama

Where to Buy a Hakama

Look, I’m not going to pretend that I’ve tried and put to the test all the different hakama out there. And I’m definitely not going to tell you where you should buy a hakama. I’m happy to tell you where I bought the ones I’ve used and which one seems to be the best quality (of the ones I’ve used). Ultimately, …

Tetron Hakama for Aikido

Black Polyester Rayon Hakama for Aikido

I’ve purchased clothing for Aikido and Kenjutsu from a variety of places. Obviously I haven’t worn every brand of gi and hakama, but I’ve worn a few. So far, the best clothing I’ve gotten has been from